Looking for a metaphorical pot of gold

by funluv
Seeking Community

Married couple in our forties looking for open minded, diverse, motivated group of like minded people to co-exist with in harmony with the universe and the life around us.


About us: I am a 42 average sized healthy male with a diverse background of education and life situations. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, but have travelled enough to truly appreciate the diverse cultures and lifestyles around the globe. My wife is 43, brazilian and has lived in the US for 22 years. We both come from “old way” backgrounds where wood stoves, gardening, cooking from scratch, and raising of animals for milk, meat, and eggs were normal. I also did a lot of fishing. We feel like the lifestyles we were raised with were much healthier both mentally and physically than the ones we have been living. We do not subscribe to any particular religion but feel like living the old way is much more positive spiritually and believe positive emotional energy is integral to physical health. We have only recently become aware of the extent to which we have both been participating in a diseased society. We have 2 boys, 14 and 16 years old. The 16 year old lives in brazil with his biological father currently. We are very unhappy with the public school systems most of us send our children to and we don’t support this institutional training. We own the deed to our home in St. Petersburg florida and plan on using it for renting, airbnb income, and vacationing.  We have two very small dogs and two cats that love open spaces to play. We have some savings and come with an arsenal of tools/skills. Also, our son is tall, strong and always willing to lend a hand. We are all more than willing to work hard to be happy.


About you: We are looking for a home to move into or land to build on in Northern/Central/Coastal California. Your community should have goals to produce all or most of our energy and food. You should be financially sustainable, generally supporting projects and growth through the selling of goods, education, or eco-industry in-line with our existential paradigm. Your group should know how to have fun, be diverse in interests and backgrounds, distanced from the world banking institutions, goal oriented, spiritually open and most importantly, be peace oriented. Violence of any type is a no-no in our book.


Thanks for reading this.

We are hoping to move starting in August. Thanks for considering us and look forward to speaking with wonderful people even if your community isn’t a perfect fit.


Daniel and Silvania