Live Responsibly, Sustainably, in Health and Peace

by Dan Schutlz
Community With Opening
Looking for healthy happy potent contributing good peoples to live on our 160 acres of mountainous, rain forest, wilderness, off-grid permaculture farm in the Siskiyou mountains of Northern California (very northern).
We have developed models that work in the larger economy — that also make us completely sustainable/self-sufficient without it.We agree to live 100% free of chemical dependencies
(caffeine, sugar, cannabis, tobacco, alcohol, etc)Desired Member Characteristics:
Excellent work ethic
Responsible steward of the earth
Gardening/plant care
Physically fit / able-bodied
Handy with chainsaw, fix, build
Goat management (milk, forage)
Good cook


Read over thoroughly please there is an application there

Three tiers of membership:
Work Trade — 30 hours of work for room and board
Investor Members — 30K for lifetime lease
Owner Members — name on deed, equally divided, valued at 600K