Hard-worker seeks community

by Johnny
Seeking Community
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Hi 🙂 I’m 31, single, transgender (born female but living as male) my name is Johnny. I’m a hard worker with a great work ethic who loves to get his hands dirty! There is very little I don’t enjoy doing and pretty much nothing I’m not willing to try at least once! I love animals, nature, and trying to lower my impact on the earth as much as possible. I spent part of my childhood living in a giant cattle ranch in eastern Oregon and since then I’ve dreamed of returning to a simpler life in the woods. I have experience between then and now working on community learning farms during the week part time but it just never seems to be enough outside time for me!

I’d love to find somewhere with open hearted people like myself who spend their days working and building together to create a self sustaining community. I crochet and have for years and would love to be able to make hats, scarves, blankets, whatever is needed. Have always wanted to have sheep or alpacas and make my own yarn! Would also love to be somewhere with an apiary, I love insects and would be great to work with them more. I consider myself to be a pretty good healthy cook and have lots of experience making group meals with others. I never mind doing the “less fun” chores like dishes, pulling weeds, laundry, etc. Being able to help and contribute is fantastic no matter what I am doing!

I do smoke weed and would love to find a 420 friendly community. I’m very open minded about the other people I live with as long as we all respect each other and our own journey through this life. I’m a very respectful, open-minded person, who values communication and everyone having their voice heard.

Currently not looking to move somewhere until Mid-April 2018, but I thought I’d put my hat in the ring now and see if I hear from anyone? Would be great to come by and stay for a week or two before then to see if we all fit well together. I am currently located in Virginia but happy to relocate to any other part of the country. I’ve lived all over the USA and there are plenty of places I’d still like to get to see 🙂