Group of four looking for community in Snohomish County

by Alys
Seeking Community
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I apologise in advance for the long read, but if there’s an intentional community out there that wants to add a few more people my group might be what you’re looking for.

My fiance and I lived in an apartment for a year with two roomates before we decided that apartment and city life wasn’t for us. It was expensive, unsustainable, crowded, and honestly felt soul-sucking. I grew up on farmland in Arizona and had horses, sheep, and chickens for eggs– the city isn’t my thing. My fiance and one roomate are from a similar situations in Kansas and Alabama.

The four of us recently pooled our money and bought a retired Tacoma City bus that runs on natural gas; admittedly not the best for the environment, but at least better than diesel. We’re renovating the inside and plan on doing a biofuel conversion to the engine eventually. We’re building a composting toilet and installing a woodburning stove for the nights when insulation isn’t quite enough. The inside will be furnished with recycled wood, flooring, and other materials. One of our roomates is a licenced contractor that used to work for Schuchart Dow in Seattle, so he’s excited to start framing the interior. The intention for the bus is that it becomes an entire movable house that leaves as little mark on the world as possible.

For the past month we’ve been living on various campgrounds but none of them have offered what we’ve been looking for– a diverse community that we can be a part of long-term and that has the same goal that we do towards a living sustainable lifestyle within nature. We’ve also been looking for a place that’s close to our original home in Everett; there I work as a retail manager for a small business, one roomate works at a chocolate factory in Monroe, and my fiance and the carpenter both work retail together in Marysville. We have friends and aging family in the area so we really don’t want to stray far.

The four of us are hard workers with experience managing land. We can farm, build, and pretty much do anything we put our minds to. I weave wool, spin, and do various artwork projects and would like to have the space to do all of that. I miss having farm work to do because I find it meditative.

We’ve been living as a family group for the past year. We live well together and work well together. We’re looking for a more permanant place to call home– preferably one with some wilderness. The idea was originally that we buy land to start our own but that’s a long-term goal.

We aren’t looking to live in a place for free and will be happy to pay rent, dues, and work where we’re needed. The four of us are very interested in local intentional communities because it seems to be the same thing we started out to do. Alternatively, if you know someone that has some neglected acerage or a farm that needs work in trade or partial trade for a spot to park we’d be happy to have a situation like that, too.

I started a blog for our journey at and there are plenty of pictures of us and the bus so far.

I prefer emails to [email protected] since cell service is spotty in our current campground in Granite Falls, but you can call my cell at 602-373-1353 or get ahold of my fiance at 425-622-6958.

Alright, I think I typed a large enough wall of text. If you have any questions please ask.