Eco Sustainable Farm Retreat Center

by Soyeso
Land, Houses, Real Estate
San Jose, Costa Rica

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This entire property is for sale, as owner wants to retire.
The property is nestled in the Rio Chirripo valley at an elevation of 1150 meters (3773 feet). It is about 20-30 minutes from San Isidro del General where there is a weekly market with lots of organic produce to purchase. It is about 1 hour to beautiful beaches. The property borders Rio Chirripo along its entire length. 
This is an ideal property for 2-3 families or community who wish to live in eternal springtime temperatures on a property which has been free of chemicals for 12+ years, and Biodynamic for 8 years.
There are six houses, two cabins, a covered compost area, chicken shed with two pastures, goat /worm house with 7 goat pastures (included are 5 goats and chickens), four Biodigestors, Zantrex solar/wind system (4kwH with 8kwH peak) with grid tie, two steel storage sheds plus two other outside concrete sheds. The electric company buys back excess power. If animal husbandry is not a desired pursuit, the existing pastures can easily be converted into house sites. Houses can be bare or with some furniture. All houses and both cabins are screened. All electrical wiring done by European professional.

Water is from mountain springs for people, and double filtered creek water for plants and animals. Hot water is gas or solar heated. The Biodigestors mean no septic tank maintenance, with the added benefit of some gas for cooking. There are many fruit trees. Oranges, Sweet Lemons, Limes, Banana, Cas, Soursop, Mangosteen, Guava, Water Apple, Plantain, Cacao, Myrtle Berry, Mulberry, plus Pineapples, Red and Black Raspberries.
There is a covered exercise deck facing Mt Chirripo (size about 30 ft diameter).
 The property has recently been used as a holistic health center, so that route could also be pursued by new owners. 
Total house areas about 6000 square feet, plus covered decks of 570 square feet. There is a separate orchard with mango, citrus, and banana trees.
There are many graveled paths through the property lined with beautiful plants and flowers. The bamboo trees planted about 8 years ago are now big enough to use in construction.

This magical & unique property of 9.5 acres with 6 houses and 2 cabins has been drastically transformed over the last 9 years with a total investment of more than $500k, and is offered now for only $359,000.

Here are house spaces:
Cob 87.2 plus (Solar) 5 = 939 + 53.8 =1000 ft2
Middle 80.4 + D 18.2M = 865+ 196= 1061 ft2
Upper 73.41 + D 35= 79 +D35= 1167 ft2
Rancho 53.1 m = 572 ft2
Bambu 119.4m=1285 ft2
Kitchen/bodega 58m=624 ft2
Cabin 8.6 sq m (93 sq ft)
Cabin 2 10.3 sq m (111 sq ft)

Total living spaces 557.4 m2=6000ft2
The property was recently appraised at $522,000.