Eastern Washington Community Interest

by Lynda Swanson
Community Forming

Over the last 15+ years I have longed to start a community.  But not along the same lines as most IC’s.  I believe in diversification and this kind of model is not only timely but more along the lines of what many would find to be a comfortable transition to something more structured like a traditional model of existing IC’s.  My goal is to create a specialized atmosphere of communal sharing with private spaces that are yours alone.  The unique part of this is that each “Cocoon” as I call them is designed to be supportive to the needs and desires of each group.  As I get older (65 now) and observe the needs of people, obvious things come to mind like when am I going to live my perfect life?  For me, that would be taking my two vintage trailers and putting them in a rural setting shared by several others who are artistic, creative, insightful people who want and need to live lightly, lead inspirational lives in whatever mode they feel a calling and to commune in a wonderful garden and grounds.  I don’t mind having electricity and in fact really kind of like to be able to access the internet and stay warm in the winter.  That being said, I don’t mind an outhouse and can still haul water if I need to.  The important thing to me now is to find others that want to share, have a little money to invest and want to create a model of living that many that are marginalized can duplicate easily.  We are here to show the way.