City Cousins Seek Country Cousins for Sharing Resources

by Sooz
Resources, Tools, Books, Videos


Pelington Village, a Seattle-based, Bernie-supporting commercial community (a dozen small businesses) seeks an alternative-minded rural farm or eco-village who need city resources, specifically building materials, art resources and tools. Bill and Sooz, a senior couple, have spent over 40 years recycling and preserving resources; i.e. “fighting the good fight”. Now, we have literally tons of materials to share that need to be used, re-used or re-purposed. Some examples: construction lumber, sheet metal siding and roofing, structural steel, lots of pipe, large and small tools (woodworking ,metal working and machine), shop motors, electrical and plumbing parts, wheels and casters, chain link gates, cable, rope, chain, plastic pipe, racking, shelving, and the list goes on. Plenty of artistic materials as well. See what strikes your fancy!

Over the last 40 years, we’ve re-used these materials as we’ve built shops, living quarters, a large vegetable and flower garden, a kid’s tree house and improved tenants’ spaces as needed. We still have more materials to share.

We’re searching for a group, commune and/or collective of workers, artists and activists who live cooperatively, build with recycled materials as often as possible and are committed to ending injustice in the world (4% of the world’s population consuming 30% of the world’s resources). Your community is within a reasonable distance from Seattle; i.e. Washington, Oregon, Idaho or even B.C. You know, you understand and you struggle to live by the 3 R’s of waste reduction: reduce consumption, re-use what you can and recycle the rest. You fight injustice when and where you find it. You grok that U.S. exceptionalism is an alternative fact.

Let’s talk about how this sharing might work: gift, barter, negotiate. We have our ideas. Let’s hear yours. Our goal is to have these materials put to good use.