Carers Co-Housing Community

by peter
Community Forming
Australia(show on map )

To be sited along the eastern seaboard of Australia in or around a small rural town, we envisage a community based around providing care both for the environment and for each other. The group will be a mix of paid and volunteer carers for foster children, people with handicaps requiring assistance, aged care and any other worthwhile community based task we choose.

Similar to and inspired by this community – we will be adding veganic food production and vegan community meals to the mix. The project is not limited to vegans, each household will decide for itself how it operates, however all meals prepared in community spaces will be fully vegan and organic.

This is a whole of life project, we expect that people will move from being carers to retired volunteers to perhaps requiring care themselves, all within the same community.

It is probable that the project will take several years to establish, and we welcome the early involvement of those who feel a resonance with the ideas and philosophies.