Bohemian Artist Seeks SO OR Based Off-Grid Community

by Rachel Walaskay
Seeking Community
United StatesORGrants Pass(show on map )

I’m ready for radical change in my life! I’ve dreamed of starting an off-grid homestead for years now, and I’m tired of trying to force myself to fit it into mainstream society. I don’t believe in the Myth of Capitalism – my values are much more aligned with an earth-based tribal paradigm. I’m not interested in competition, I think it’s much more important that everyone succeed and live a prosperous, abundant life.

I have a lot to offer in terms of my background experience and skills: I am currently employed as a ten year plus Kitchen & Bath Design veteran, (with nearly 30 years in Construction & Remodeling), and alternatively hold a Masters in Education with brief tenure teaching secondary school Language Arts. I am a jewelry designer and silversmith. I’m also well versed in alternative build construction methods and am in the process of learning Permaculture, Herbology and Natural Healing. While I am very excited about organic farming, I am not particularly interested in growing recreational marijuana – I would much prefer to work with Hemp to cultivate for Hempcrete and other natural materials.

I LOVE animals and have four indoor ONLY cats, (if they are not welcome, neither am I). My goal is to have an apiary (Bees are amazing creatures!); but, I also hope to raise some small breed livestock – lop-eared rabbits, pygmy or Nigerian Dwarf goats and ducks are on my short list, but I’m also open to other water fowl and sheep or alpaca.

I’m an Empathic INFP (Healer Idealist) born under Capricorn Sun / Virgo Moon, (adopted at birth so unsure about my complete birth chart, but think I’m likely Leo rising based on empirical data); however, Earth based energies definitely prevail – I’m very self-aware, grounded and down-to-earth. I was raised by ordained Pastoral Counselors (also licensed Psych pros), so I’ve inherited my parents’ penchant for being a compassionate listener; but, unlike them, I don’t diagnose, nor do I offer unsolicited advice. I’m more of a live-and-let-live, ask lots of questions and just surrender to the universe letting go and letting God(dess) kind of person.

I’m eager to relocate to Southern Oregon (South of Eugene). I recently visited close friends down in Grants Pass and fell head-over-heels in love with the region. It’s SO idyllic, serene and sparsely populated compared to the big city life of the Portlandia burbs where I’m currently residing. I have enough money saved to buy a very small plot of land, but wouldn’t likely have much, if anything, left over to pay for construction of a home, (my hefty student loan debt prevents me from qualifying for a mortgage, so cohousing is not an option). I’m open to a multitude of low up-front investment options – from renting or work exchange for housing on an existing site, to joining a forming or existing community.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel so moved and wish to explore the possibilities… Kindred Spirits Are Always Welcome!


Rachel (aka. Taramathea)

P.S. I’m a 46 yo single mom, (with two adult daughters). They both live in Portland and plan to stay indefinitely, so I’m not keen to leave the state if I can avoid it, although I’ve not completely ruled it out.