Amazing Property in WV to Build a Community On!

by Mark 'Doc' Fargotstein
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You just found my listing for my beloved Alderwood, located in Chloe, West Virginia.  It’s at MLS 103195 (the one in Chloe, there are a couple with the same number). I am asking $249,000.

Alderwood was originally built as a small festival and fire/drum performance amphitheater and campground in 2009. It is located almost exactly 50 miles NE of Charleston, WV, up I-79 off Exit 40.

We basically “Disney-fied” a Horrible log-out that decimated the upper level of our property, turning it really useful and beautiful. Alderwood features 111 actual acres (88 deeded), a 16’x32′ stage, 9’x32′ green room cabin by the stage, 185 amps of Real power at the stage in a brilliant plug/breaker configuration that every stage tech has loved (all new power was run up the hill), 22 acres of carved out camping areas, a 2000+ gallon cistern at camp that is spring fed forever, and $29,000 worth of road gravel to make the roads.

Down on the first level of the property you have the house, which is 4000+ square feet, 3 stories tall, with a mostly finished attic living space of around 700sf. There are a total of 19 rooms proper, with several being used for bedrooms, music rooms, library, dining room, etc.

The well for the house is new and goes down 140′. Recently, most of the flooring was redone with 3/4″ oak hardwood. The house still needs finishing, but a commune-type community could finish everything easily with a few handy-people. There is literally enough flat spaces to build several houses up at camp on the second level, and then there is the 30 acres across the street that could hold another several houses, and it already has a basic road into it. If you hunt, the deer are everywhere on this virtually un-hunted property. There is plenty of room to make a workshop or to build one. I will consider all forms of trades, down payments with valuable items, or “whatever” just ask me. I’m negotiable on the price, but to be blunt, I have $276,000 in cash into Alderwood, so moving Too far off my asking price isn’t going to happen, But, I am negotiable, so try me. There is also the option of me retaining some of the property, like the property on the other side of the street, a membership in the commune, etc. I really want this place to go to people that aren’t just going to turn it into another mountain mobile home park (even if you do have to use a modular for some reason LOL) and hopefully will realize the splendor of the property. The accoustics at the stage are AMAZING! (so say All the stage techs)

If you made it this far down the ad, you get to learn that Alderwood has FREE NATURAL GAS!!! That’s right…there is a gas well on the property that entitles the house to be heated for FREE forever. The gas head has great pressure and provides more than enough gas for the house and a few around it, and sends the rest to the gas company, of course. Alderwood also has FREE WATER (because of the well, and the water is great!). Alderwood has a forced air furnace, and many freestanding heaters. I also changed every light in the house to LED, so the electric bill has been very low (it took it from $150-185/mo to $30-60 just by changing the lightbulbs!). The taxes are about $600/yr total, less if you kill off the special tax area for the campground and just revert it to a house and property.

Please feel free to Google Alderwood Event Campground. You will also find some video from events at Alderwood by doing a youtube search. The address is 319 Granny She Rd., Chloe, WV 25235  Need to write to me? [email protected]

Please DO NOT just go to Alderwood and knock on the door, my caretaker will be startled, but if you make an appointment, it is no problem at all for you to see the property. Feel free also to contact the realtor that is listed on the MLS if you wish, but if you contact me first, I will be able to lower the price more because then I’m walking you in, not you calling him first (realtor rules) and we save on the realtor fees.

Peace – Doc