2, 4 and 6 Month Internship/Work-Trade at Permaculture Forest Farm

by Dan Schultz
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Comprehensive internship at our permaculture-based agroforestry farm and ecovillage. Dairy goats, chickens, perennial fruit and nut tree orchards, vegetable gardens, and foraging in a mountainous, wilderness setting.

Curriculum includes planting and maintaining annual and perennial food gardens and food forests, soil building, harvesting, food processing, foraging, arts and crafts, animal care (chickens, goats, bees, cats and dogs are all part of our permaculture system), and potential building projects.

Community work also includes housekeeping in common areas as well as hosting and maintaining guest facilities that supports our village economy.

There is an average of  25-30 hours per week of hands on work.  Daily chores with animals and pants. The internship also includes field trips, book reviews, tests/quizzes, documentaries and personal lessons/apprenticing with various residents.

We want good workers, good work ethic, good people, and stickwithitness.
Opportunities for long term membership and paid caretaker position if this life and culture fits.

Please read our web site thoroughly
and contact us for questions and conversation

Apply at http://www.maitreyamountainvillage.com/visitor-applicatyion.html