30 Acres great for building a community

by josephine
Community Forming
United StatesKYWaynesburg(show on map )

My husband and I have have purchased 30 acres. We are surrounded by Amish and regular country folks. It is a very discreet place full of all things in nature. Currently we have a main house 4 bedroom on the property with 2 rooms not being used. So far we have only been using 5 to 10 acres. We would love to build a community and create a community living on the property. Our dreams to share the land and make it a place were maybe tiny living houses can be created, community gardening, and becoming self-sufficient are our main goals. So many great things can be done with this beautiful homestead. I am great at animal husbandry, we currently have 2 horses, 5 Irish Wolfhounds, a beagle, ducks, and a few cats. We are animal lovers, nature lovers, and camping lovers. We just want to build sustainable lives that keep to the simple things in life. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please call or send me an email.