3 generations of “Gypsy” women looking for community

by Sarah Cordell
Seeking Community

So it’s me, my mom and my 3½ years old…have lived in Idaho the past 3 years. Honestly we’re not fans, this “right to work” BS and only paying servers 4.25 an hour (+tips, must make the federal minimum wage of 7.25 per pay period). Plus sales tax and it’s hot and so much more small and large annoyances I’m just over this state. Ready to come home to Oregon!! Open to location!!! We also miss the ocean!! So an hour from the ocean would be nice, not required.

In Oregon as a young female and before I was a mom I had odd jobs and enjoyed working for BBSI temp agency. In Idaho I’ve been a cashier for Family Dollar and a waitress at a winery. I’m currently enrolled in online classes (which start Aug 21st) and have a 3 year plan for a business management degree.

My mom has been doing energy/body including message and reiki work for over 20years

We’re both interested in living healthier life styles, recycling, learning more about yoga, gardening and alternative power and general holistic wellness.

I’m hoping to get a RV or camp trailer so temporary lodging isn’t a problem while we find our spot. Looking for somewhere to work, looking for somewhere to live.

If you can help with any part of it please reach out

Before and after picture is my current “property managers” murdered my garden, all the more reason to leave